NyQuist 2 - Coming Soon

NyQuist 2 - Coming Soon

Starting at: $450.00

Digital Out

Flexible, Innovative, Data Acquisition
The new Nyquist is perfect for most data acquisition applications requiring high resolution analog sampling and analog out capabilities.

The DAQifi client software can connect to a multitude of devices on the network whether a traditional desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Because the Nyquist connects wirelessly, many devices can be deployed and are able to connect to the same client. This is one of the most exciting aspects of the Nyquist since this no longer requires a dedicated PC plugged into each data acquisition solution.

Many experiments, machines, robots, etc. can be connected to the same client at once!

The Nyquist is completely wireless, utilizing a built-in Li-Ion battery for power and an 802.11 WiFi connection, allowing it to be deployed virtually anywhere and everywhere.

Since it uses the 802.11 standard, it can be used on the WiFi network already implemented in many facilities.

Nyquist II
802.11n WiFi wireless and USB connectivity
Optional on-board MicroSD card logging
Sampling Rates up to 1000Hz
Integrated 4000mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
SCPI compliant command structure and LabVIEW compatible
(16) 5V General I/O 30mA sink/source
(16) 24-Bit 0-5V Analog In RSE
(8) 12-bit 0-10V Analog Out