Windows Software

Android Software

  • Getting Started

    1. Download and install the app. Our app is currently in beta testing, please contact us to get early access. Android version 4.1 or greater is needed to run our app.
    2. Connect your Nyquist DAQ to your local WiFi network
    3. Start the app and the DAQ will be automatically discovered. Swipe down to refresh if you don’t see you device in the devices list
    4. Tap the Connect button to connect to the DAQ
    5. Click the green Plus button under Analog Input Channels to configure your analog inputs
    6. In the analog channel configuration dialog, Tap the Active slider to enable each a channel. Channels can be paged through using the left and right arrows at the top. You can also rename, apply data scaling, select the display color and plot for channels in this dialog.
    7. Tap Save to save your configuration
    8. Tap Stream to start streaming data
    9. Tap Data Plot to view a plot of the data stream


  • What operating systems can I use with DAQifi?


    Windows and Android are currently supported.

  • How do I connect to the DAQifi?


    Communication with the DAQifi board is through a standard wireless network. No physical connection is required to the board making DAQifi extremely flexible.

  • What WiFi technology can I use with DAQifi?


    DAQifi runs on 802.11g. In other words it works with any modern WiFi router.

  • What WiFi security does DAQifi support?


    DAQifi can work with both WEP and WPA.

  • How is the data stored on DAQifi?


    Data is stored in a database on the connected smartphone, tablet, or PC. It can be viewed on the connected device or exported to a CSV file.